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The pampeano brown leather belt is a far cry away from the simplistic belts of the Bronze Age, but manages to maintain the craftsmanship and heritage needed to create a quality product.  Hand-crafted In Argentina by true Artisans using the highest quality, A-grade Argentine leather, pampeano leather belts complement a modern lifestyle for both smart and casual occasions.  A good quality leather belt is a staple piece in every man and woman’s wardrobe.  We could all probably admit that we take this functional fashion accessory for granted.  That is why pampeano focuses so much on the quality and craftsmanship of our belts.  Each leather product has been expertly made to last for many years, only improving with age, creating a trustworthy piece to complete your outfits for years to come.

A plain leather belt will never go out of style, and there will always be more ways to wear one.  For a casual look, the charcoal brown leather belt can be placed low on the hips with jeans under an Aran knit jumper or plaid shirt, creating a relaxed and rustic look.

No matter what the occasion, the pampeano brown leather belt will give your outfit an instant style injection, and is the best plain leather belt to have in your wardrobe this season.

Our belts come in a standard width of 3.5cm

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