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Shepherd of Sweden, founded in 1982, where slippers are handmade with passion. One single slipper is made of multiple separate pieces. Always made from real sheepskin that has been treated in over several different stages to get the right quality and finish. Then all pieces are assembled by our skilled craftsmen, mostly by hand.Shepherd Annie.  Is a pair of sheepskin slippers which are a little higher than ankle high.  The slippers have decorative stitching on the outside.  They have fabric binding and a tag on the back made from suede. The outer sole is made from EVA.

Washing and care advice for sheepskin and wool slippers

You should avoid washing this product for as long as possible.  If the slippers have to be washed, we recommend that that they are hand-washed or that they are washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees on the wool program.  Only use a mild liquid detergent and preferably a detergent especially made for wool.  Drying the slippers should be done as naturally as possibly, for example by letting them dry in a normal room temperature. The best way for the slippers to hold their shape after washing is to place some paper inside them. Using a soft suede brush on the product when they have dried, will return the product to its original quality. Avoid drying in direct sunlight or near to a radiator. Please note that slippers with transfer prints are not washable.

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